Victims of Motability’s insurer RSA

This website has been created for a Motability customer who had the double misfortune of needing to make an insurance claim and therein becoming a victim of the RSAM’s (Royal Sun Alliance Motability) shocking conduct. It is hoped this website will help Motability customers who may need to make a claim or customers whom have already made a claim and found themselves worse off due to the RSAM’s conduct and its polices.

A Motability customer can have multiple vulnerabilities that MUST be considered when making a claim!

Information is provided that will assist you in making a claim in which the Motability customer’s vulnerabilities are fully and properly considered, therein making sure that every effort has been made to prevent further and unnecessary hardship or distress being caused as a consequence of RSAM’s policies and conduct.

My name is Ellie Taylor, I am an independent observer of the ordeal that I write about. I have been given full access to the Motability customer’s file, providing me insight sufficient enough to state that in this case, beyond any reasonable doubt, that RSAM has failed on multiple occasions to meet their legal obligations, to uphold the due “Duty of Care” owed to the claimant.

It is hoped that Motability customers will gain a better understanding of how they must be treated and what they are entitled to, what their rights are, in the event of having to make a claim.

I would also like to provide other Motability customers the opportunity to provide feedback from their own experiences. It will be interesting to find out how many RSAM claimants have actually been treated with the necessary “Duty of Care” lawfully required, during the handling, processing and completion of their claim.

  • The Motability customer’s damaged vehicle was legally unroadworthy from the moment it was damaged, RSAM knew this as the damage, including a damaged windscreen, was immediately and fully reported to them but they happily allowed it to be used.
  • The Motability customer’s vehicle was and EV, which was chosen for numerous extremely influential reasons. None of these reasons where ever discovered by RSAM during the triaging of the claim
  • RSAM and its appointed subcontracts willingly and consistently lied

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